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So What Is Tracer Technology?

Really Simple.....

From analog to digital, minus the static.

Why I got interested in audio restoration,

And why you may be also.

Years ago my Dad made several recordings of his guitar music and the countless songs he sang commercially in prior years. The good part was he finally recorded his music. The sad part was he waited until his twilight years when he had worked his body, fingers, muscles and voice nearly to death providing a living over the years for his family. This sacrifice makes his recordings even more valuable to me.

By todays standards, there was some very poor recording equipment on the market and he happened to get some of it. First he recorded a few of his old songs onto the old records, then they were copied onto 8-track tapes, then copied again onto cassette tapes. Each recording and each copy on that old equipment produced even more line noise and ambient interferance than the previous recording. Today I am left with several cassette tapes which are nearly painful to listen to, because I know how Dad sounded when he was alive. Dad did an excellent job of picking and singing.

Dad started out playing for local events back in Iowa, then played the clubs and bars in various places, ending up with a regular show on Radio Station WHO-Des Moines. The News Anchor opposite Dads air-time was another young man by the name of Ronald Reagan.

My existing problem in restoring Dad's recordings has been the astronomical cost of commercial audo restoration. My solution to the problem was to obtain commercially a program originally designed to enhance hidden recordings made by law enforcement and Alphabet Agencies.

At any rate, I have been very pleased with being able to restore Dad's recordings to something that is again listenable. Now, your definition of musical improvement may be different from mine. Like you, however, I do know when music is listenable or not.

You can compare the difference for yourself on one of the "Before" and "After" examples at This Link.

If you have old recordings or tapes that need cleaning up, let's talk. I won't gouge you like the other commercial audio cleanup outfits tried to gouge me.

And if you are a dyed-in-the-wool "do-it-yourselfer", or perhaps the recordings are extremely valuable family mementoes that you refuse to loose sight of while someone else works on them, you can obtain the same program where I did and do it yourself, at TracerTek, or call them toll-free at 1-866-260-6376.
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tell me what audio of yours needs fixed,
Before it deteriorates further.
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