The Real Story On Global Warming
And How To Make a Planet Uninhabitable

What are the causes of Global Warming: It depends on your perception; it's not a done-deal yet although a lot of people will tell you it is.

This is my version, yours may vary.

Now I would never want to downplay the opinions and theories of everyone else on this Global Warming discussion. Every person beating their global-warning drum has a personal agenda, trying to convert everyone else to their way of thinking. And just dare anyone to try to prove them wrong.

Scientists want to keep on being financed to keep studying the cause.

Educators want to keep on getting paid to teach the agenda of the group financing them.

Some Politicians want to keep on making laws that will benefit their particular political agenda.

Business CEO's want to keep on paying politicians to make laws favorable to their business.

Other Politicians want to fertilize the very profitable garden of their excess carbon-credit sales.

Religious types thump on whatever version their bible is, so the faithful will send tithes and offerings to God. They tell us they're saving it all up, and when He gets here they'll give him a check. I have to wonder what God would do with a check.

Even the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has a theory that cannot be disproven: "The rise of Global Warming has a direct relationship to the declining number of Pirates." (Go ahead, DuckDuckGo that one if you don't believe it!)

But they are all wet behind the ears. I know the true cause of Global Warming. So being the generous type that I am, I'll share it with you.

But if you're the uber-serious type who just cannot spend time separating gems from the rocks, you might want to read about Einstein's Cross, or something similar. No hunting for gems there; you don't have to think at all, just absorb the math.

For the rest of us rock-hounds and gem-seekers, here we go!

images of Space Ship From Venus Space Ship Incoming Venus Volcano

The Venusian Space Ship that left Venus is about to land on a brand new unused planet in the Milky Way System.

What's left of Venus is on the right, and the one on the left is where they're landing. The Space Ship photo in the middle was snapped by some old people on the new planet. The Venusians called them Orrorins, for lack of a better word. But, they aren't anywhere on the planet anymore, all there is are the Vehusian aliens; we've looked everywhere for the Ororins without any luck. They were quite tall, had really big feet and hairy bodies. We have to wonder what happened to them.

The poor people from Venus messed up their planet so badly they made it uninhabitable so had to go find another one. Betcha they sure were hungry by the time they found one. But, "Oh, Lord, it was Nice", so the trip was worth it.

Warning: For all you Planet Earth Carbon Footprint Violators: 30 Jan 17.

Today there was a news flash regarding the planet Venus. Poor thing. You know; the planet of love, romance and harmony. "Aphroditeville". Absolute dreamsville of every guy in the Solar System. But something, back in the day, went to crap over there. The Venus atmosphere, temperature, and physical environment is deadly for humans now. And we finally have an answer as to "why", so hang on.

Basically, NASA says the poisonous atmosphere on Venus is the result of "greenhouse gases" overwhelming the original atmosphere. At least, that's as close as NASA can get to what caused Venus to become such a forboding, hot environment today. Maybe with future improvements in the environmental sniffing-device technology there will be additional information available.

But that's not the whole story.

Nobody, back in the Venusian day, apparently left any notes up there. Or someone might have destroyed them. Kind of like all of our civilization's history that was lost with the missing Library of Alexandria here on Earth.

Now, as you read history regarding who burned down that library you're going to become totally confused. All those history guys are just guessing. Avoid confusion, use the KISS principle; stick with my version of "who dunnit" and avoid confusion.

It was the radical Jews known as "Zealots" who burned down the Library of Alexandria. The reason they didn't burn down the extended library, known as the museum, was they couldn't read the signs. Anyway, the Zealots talked their Fellow Jewish population into going to war with the Romans. AD-70's version of totally stupid. Reminds you of today's radicals on both the left and the right, always wanting to go to war with someone.

Like the present "trending" global political foolishness. Let me ask you a serious question: If you were skipping along on a forest trail, and suddenly you realized there was a big, and I do mean "BIG", sleeping bear in that cave over there, and you could see his monster teeth because he was snoring, would you go poke him with a sharp stick? If your answer is "yes", there is a job waiting for you in several nations of planet Earth's national state departments.

Anyway those Jewish radicals burned down the library. Now if you want to really tick off an old Roman, just burn down his library. I'll leave out the Chaerea assassination of Caligula, which actually worked to make the Zealots think "God" was smiling on their insurrection. Dumbkins they were, with a capital D.

Then the Zealots got a bunch of their nonthinking people to take point in the charge against the reign of the next temporary Roman Emporer... maybe Vespasian or Titus Flavius or someone. Who knows; Rome had been changing emperors daily for years, just tossing them out with the wash-water. So it's hard to keep track of which new ruler got whacked next. Talk about hazardous jobs.

The radicals got a lot of their brain-dead followers killed by the Romans over that library escapade and their insurrection. So the zealot survivors headed up to a mountain called Masada to get away from the Romans. Later, up on that mountain, the radicals committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner.

But these radicals were not the God-fearing types your present history professor might be telling you about, oh, no, no, no! Or maybe "Thou Shalt Not Steal, Kill, kidnap girls in the middle of the night, burn down peoples libraries, etc." got lost in their faulty translation of those big stone tablets from Mount Sinai. So how do we know they were bad guys?

At least one time, and probably more since they got away with this one, they sneaked into a quiet farming villiage down in the valley during the night. The records show they killed everyone in the villiage and hauled off all the food back to their mountain hideaway. Now it may just be the suspicious side of me, but I highly suspect they left out the part about hauling all of the villiage girls off to the mountain also. This was the radical-left AD-70's version of today's free-love sharing the wealth bunch. They had to do the job because they didn't have a DOJ. Anyway, they all ended up at the last several minutes killing each other up there on the mountain because the Romans were coming through the walls. I hope the girls survived, but the Romans didn't leave any notes about that subject.

How did the Romans get to the wall when the zealots had the "high ground"? Because the zealots sat on their buts and laughed at the pissed-off Romans building a big dirt ramp up the mountain. Obviously they didn't know what those big wooden things down on the plains were that the Romans called Seige Engines.

The zealots, living in Masada and following their self-appointed leader into the nether regions, kind of reminds you of those folks who moved out of California to live down in Jonestown, doesn't it? Next case.

But back to the Venusian methane problem and Global Warming.

The only other possibilities for Global Warming makes a connection with today's problem as touted by the scientists and politicians. Just simply too many old gas-burning cars running around in the Venusian sunset. Also the people burning too much coal to keep the house warm in winter. Or possibly too many old Venusian guys eating beans. Or maybe all those cattle herds chomping up the grass and passing gas.

The worst part is the Venusian EPA up there didn't take care of business. But we do here on Earth, thank the Lord. Leading the charge is our carbon-credit investment system. It was invented by some very clever fellows who wrote a book about it for the investment types. They also invented hazmat cleanup, trash sorting, paper britches, face-masks, etc .

Like the house across the street: It had a small water leak the week before Christmas day of 2016; a bit over a year ago now. It had to be a small one as there was enough time for the water drips to grow a bit of mold on the wall under the sink.

Out goes the family, in come the guys wearing white paper cover-all suits and face-masks. Out comes everything from the house. A couple of "cleanup" (says that on the truck) guys showed up irregularly for the first two months. Sometimes one guy for a couple of hours, sometimes two guys. But if there was two guys, one always sits in the truck waiting for the other to do whatever it is he's doing for a few minutes inside the house. Apparently the poisionous mold environment will only support one human being wearing paper britches and a face mask at a time, and then for only a short time.

I have come to the conclusion that one water-leak in an American house equals one retirement-job for the gooders. Here it is ***three weeks after Christmas 2017, over a year later, and the family is still living in a motel.

But back to Venus, and their destructive history under their ancient, failed, political system and incompetent EPA department.

Our Russian neighbors sent a surface-lander to Venus; "Venera-13". It landed, then quickly sent back a bunch of data and color photos before all the electronics melted in the high Venus surface temperature. The last photo had what looked like the nice curve of a sun-tanned leg but the transmission stopped so fast you couldn't be sure. Or just maybe, Venera-13 simply switched to a different camera and frequency to send the next batch of photos to Moscow special delivery. After all, if the Russians had any photos of an 800-degree Aphrodite does anyone think they'd share her? Not on your life, Bubba. Those Russians are not dumb by any measure.

President Putin's guys said they were glad it was just an un-manned flight. "But", can you really trust the Russians to tell the truth? Was it really unmanned? Obysmal claims Russians lie all the time. And The BoB wanted to start a war with them. But The Donald says they're not bad at all if you don't give them a stupid box with a red button that doesn't do anything. And it doesn't hurt a thing if you help finance a nice hotel in Moscow for their visitors.

Anyway, NASA was monitoring the transmissions of the Russian lander, which added some color photos to the database we already had. When everyone shares, the database of knowledge grows more quickly.

The Russian lander proved it might be a mistake to send flesh and blood astronauts to that place. And all that hot Aphrodite love and stuff was a cruel lie. Anyway, that's what they said. "Unless", of course, those Russians actually found Aphrodite, and they're not telling anyone. The BoB says to never trust a Russian. But on the other hand she trusted the five-hundred-grand they paid the 'Houn-Dog' so who deserves to be trusted here, is the question. Doesn't matter, we're talking about the Venusian trajedy, back in the day.

So, bottom-line, the present knowledge says the deadly atmosphere of Venus is heavily saturated with methane.

Now, fortunately, the gooders here on earth are having the scientists develop for practical use a "real-time methane - detection system" (go ahead, DuckDuckGo that for the story) to monitor our entire planet. This high-flying piece of tax-cash is for battling that "global warming" thing, you know.

So, if it works out, wherever there may be a methane leak on the surface of the planet, it will appear on the Big-Screen Detection System ("BS-DetSys"). Then the gooders' enforcement agents can run right out and plug the hole. And people like our politicians can sell their excess "carbon credits" from their green-industry basket-weaving investments to U.S. Steel who produces the steel for a few of the cars we buy and the mega-skyscrapers we build.

Oh, wait a minute I forgot; gooders moved the steel industry to China. Along with the production of incandescant lights the gooders put out of business in the U.S.A. Oh, and don't forget the solar panel industry the gooders sent to China. And all the computer components we have to buy. Except for the ones built on Formosa. And the PLA is using the NoK insanity to try to get the USA out of the Formosa Straights so they can take over Formosa. Then the Chinese Army controls all the computers on the planet. Along with a large percentage of the "anti-virus security suites". Think about that one; if you don't know there are back-doors to almost every computer processor on the planet, and your AV Suite can't detect it, and the circuitry of your main processor doesn't know it exists either, you've been napping for quite awhile. And where, exactly, are the processors being manufactured, and who owns controlling interest in them.

But back to Global Warming.

The Chinese, like our USA politicians, through their carefully manicured investment portfolios sell their unlimited unused carbon credits to carefully selected businesses from the rest of the world. China will never run out of carbon credits to sell. Apparently because China doesn't produce carbon emissions, so all their credits are unused. All that shit in the air our poor Chinese cousins are choking on is nothing but a devious, fraudulent lie perpetrated by everyone else. Especially us lying Americans, you know. Read any one of the three thousand newspapers from China for the story. Selling unlimited carbon credits to businesses from the rest of the world is a profitable gig indeed if you can get it. Thanks in large measure to the BoB, the Houn' Dog and the Obsymal, over a period of years.

Remember when our USA gooders scammed us commoners into paying them to wear paper-suits, O2 masks, rubber gloves and white paper booties? Whenever someone finds an orange in their cupboard with a spot of mould (don't correct my spelling; I have some English blood, thank you) on it, here come the white-suited gooders wearing oxygen masks. Or when someone discovers a piece of asbestos inside someone's two-hundred-year-old attic. Or a broken flourescent lamp leaking a drop of mercury. You know; mercury is that shiny stuff we used to play with all the time. Even broke thermometers open to get some more. (Boy; did I get a whipping for that expensive thermometer. I tried to tell Dad it was the dog that broke it. But my shiny hands gave it away.) We rubbed it on pennies to look like dimes, rubbed on our hands to look like aliens with silver skin, and so forth. You remember your HS science teacher talking about Mercury; Hg-80. Amazing thing is; I know one old guy pushing his own "eighty" who did all that foolish stuff, all the time. He's in better health than most guys thirty. But don't tell the gooders; they'll throw a fit and change the subject. You can't win a pissing contest with skunks, nor a "looming first time in the history of the Earth weather change" argument with gooders. And never tell a gooder the scientists even measured the concentration of an isotope, nitrogen 15, from core samples at the Antartic and still could not say which came first; the chicken or the egg. The gooders will just scream to high heaven, throw a fit, and accuse you of being prejudiced.

But back to our poor neighbor Venus, the greenhouse gas victim of our solar system. And the methane snoop device soon to wind up in real time on Planet Earth to prevent such an event on our own nice galactic globe.

Just imagine this picture; a big underground dot-gov room, with a hundred big video screens reading the signals sent from a hundred satellites. A hundred guys in blue suits watching quietly, intently, each one sitting at attention exactly like the others. At first you think they're just manikins placed there for effect. Actually, they are damn spooky to watch. They're waiting silently, not saying a word, for any tell-tale leak of methane on that part of the Earth's surface where the USA residents live. The alarm bells ring when a whisp of methane shows on one of the screens.

Emergency! Ring the claxon bells ! Activate the *** SWAMP teams!

We all might just as well get prepared for that knock on the door. Four guys in dark suits. They'll be wearing sun glasses, black ties, black shoes, the same hair-do. They don't smile. They pack methane gas extinguishers. And laser-beam weapons. They're not putting up with any of those unregulated methane-producing bean-eaters like those old gassy guys who poluted poor old Venus, back-in-the-day!

You'll recognize who they are: The guys in dark suits all look exactly alike and sound like a baritone version of Microsoft Sam. But don't foolishly underestimate them or their laser-beam weapons. You cannot make them bleed with your Colt .45, or your AR15, or your machette. The only thing you can hope for is their solar-powered batteries might run down. They're waterproof, so forget trying to short them out with the garden hose.

They'll introduce themselves as;"Misstrr Smiithh Nummbrr wonn, #2, #3, and #4.

But it all will not do any good for Global Warming because they've all missed the boat while thumping the various bibles of their own agendas.

The truth is that trees, oceans, sub-teranian geological gas belches and marshlands on Planet Earth are a major source of Methane gas. All the cars, cows, wood stoves and guys eating beans here on earth are but a fart in the wind compared to all the hundreds of other Earthly methane sources.

That's why Venus has no trees, oceans or marshlands anymore: The Martians found out about this during the sunset years of their love-planet residence. They desperately chopped down all the trees, drained the marshlands and siphoned their oceans into the depths of volcanoes to keep them from generating more methane. Didn't work. Then came along the Galactic Wind, and stripped away the rest of their atmosphere in record time.

So they jumped into their space ships and looked for another planet in the Milky Way. They quickly found one. It had lots of nice trees, gorgeous oceans, interesting marshlands and a fabulous atmosphere envelope of breathable oxygen. All kinds of different interesting biological life and animals of all kinds. It even had a moon that acted to stabilize the planet and was fun to look at on dark nights. They decided, "This is the place".

They killed off the residents; a bunch of big bio-hairy beings they named Orrorins. On the flight in I figure they noticed those big hairy dudes taking photos of their ship. They weren't having any of that evidence laying around; they wanted to be known as the original occupants of their new planet.

Then, to keep from having the same thing happen to thier new planet as they had done to Venus, they started chopping down the trees. Then they started poluting the oceans to creat a scum on top so it could not breathe out all those greenhouse gases. Then they started filling in the marshlands. It took a few thousand years for the Venusians to finally get enough people on the new planet to really make a difference, but they worked hard at it. Mentally, that is. Since they left poor Aphrodite back on the ruined surface of Venus they had no idea how to get more people. Just trial and error stuff, you know, then they finally caught on. after while they got all caught up in the process and there was about eight billion of them by the time their next planet started wobbling from abuse and overheating.

Then after a relatively short time it all started going to crap again on that planet, just like back-in-the-day on Venus. So the leaders figured out how to get rich selling carbon credits to the various industries. Which of course passed the costs on to the suffering masses. With the money the elites made with this scam, they started construction on another fleet of space ships so they could move to another planet when that one hit the same level of non-survivability that Venus had become, "Back-In-The-Day". Only this time those destroyers of perfectly good planets don't have an 800-degree Aphrodite to leave on the surface of their wornout planet.

I'm beginning to believe she was simply a figment of ancient dreamers, otherwise they would have had her on the first ship out of their first abandoned planet; Venus. And I don't believe the Russians actually have her or they'd be a whole lot happier than they appear to be. Or maybe they're just pretending to be all irritated, what with people messing with their bank accounts, planing rockets on their borders, and stuff like that.

This time those ex-Venusians are looking at another planet named Mars. As bad as it looks to me, brother, the one they're on now will really be a nasty ball of hot goo when they abandon it. Wanna bet they won't do the same thing to Mars as they did to the first two planets they've been on before?

That is all for now.

*** Besides the paper-suited gas-mask types there have been at least four contractor companies, irregularly, doing a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow and so on. There has been a big construction dumpster sitting on the street pretty well blocking traffic and looking like crap until a week ago. There was also a "john" in the driveway until last week. Now there is just a large pile of irregular junk wood in the people's driveway, and they still can't move in. I feel sorry for the family; there is no way they haven't been scammed by the gooders.

How do I know that? A few years ago we had a "water leak". Three feet deep in the basement before we discovered it. We shut off the water, fixed the spraying leak. We then bailed water out by bucket brigade. We replaced the furnace, water heater, and all the "stuff" that was down there and went on with life.

Now there is an automatic pump that was designed for yachts when they sit docked. It has a discharge hose to the outside in case of another "leak". Also have three water alarms with another device that transmits sounds, like the water alarms make, upstairs where we could hear it. I tested the pump before installing it: I filled a 5-gallon bucket with water, plugged the pump into an outlet, then, holding it tightly, I submerged it in the bucket. It nearly twisted me sideways, and exploded the water out of the bucket in every direction the water could hit something, including me, and be redirected and ricoched everywhere for twenty feet or so.

That was my version of calling the cleanup guys with the white paper suits and the face masks. Like the ones we've watched for the last year and a half. Gooders with their gooder-style insatiable desire to retire on anyones' water leak for the rest of their lives.

In loving memory of poor little abandoned Aphrodite; "The End"